Gered Dunne
Background: Team Scrappy started many years ago over burgers and a bet - Brett bet Gered that he couldn't swim a 100 yards without grabbing on to a lane line. Gered bet Brett that he couldn't sit in front of a chocolate chip cookie for longer than 5 minutes without eating it. Both Gered and Brett failed, but with their failure, Team Scrappy was born.

Evolution: With competitive streaks a mile wide, Gered and Brett launched into a string of unhealthy challenges (3 am training rides, speed drinking milkshakes, that sort of thing) that culminated in the collective realization that nothing would ever be hard enough, or crazy enough. Nothing but Triathlon.

Over years of training up from the amateur level to earn their professional licenses in 2011, Brett and Gered have learned a lot about how to get it done, and do it in style. And to do it when they'd really rather be doing something else. It's a little too close to call on London, but we think these two scrappy single sport athletes just might have a chance in Rio in 2016. Stay tuned and wish them luck!