Jack Daniels VDOT and Run PaceCharts

Ok, so there's a lot more info on the Jack Daniels method of using VDOT (a calculation of your O2 efficiency) to determine pacing for different types of workouts (I-Pace, T-Pace, etc) that we've mentioned before in our Hump Day workouts. This is the down and dirty simple two step process to understanding how to use your VDOT to figure out what your 400m, 600m, 800m, and 20k pacing should be:

1. Pick your VDOT in Chart 1. Use your fastest 1500, Mile, 5k, 10k time to figure your VDOT #
2. Use your VDOT to figure out your run pace for a given interval in Chart 2

Chart 1: Determining your VDOT

Chart 2: Picking your run pace

And, for those who want a quick reference guide to print out and take along to the track, heres the short version of common VDOT pacing: