Tech Tuesday: Garmin Forerunner 310xt Reviewed

Since having lost my real right hand to a great white shark off the coast of South Africa I've been particularly sensitive to wearing anything that might cause me to snag myself in some unfortunate way again (what, didn't you wonder why I still suck so much in the water after all this time????). 

This means, in general I shrug the use of watches, fobs, croakies, crazy gold medallions, man bras, bros, heart rate monitors, bangles, and class rings. My exceptions are my wedding band, never taken off lest I lose it (interesting commentary on rings and professional athletes), and my shooting range codpiece (see Facebook for photos if you really want to know).

I do train with the needlessly expensive, fashionably indiscreet, and awfully clunky Garmin 310xt watch on occasion though. Forget what Garmin told you. Here's how you'll really feel about the 310xt if you buy one someday.

No, that's not the hand of a midget. It is that big.

Purpose: Bike and run computer giving speed and other features.
Use: I bought this watch primarily for Power training (it's ANT compatible). You can also get run paces and take splits during interval training, as well as HR ranges if you buy the extra strap.
Quality: The crummy watch band will blow out on you. Otherwise it has held up so far. Although my Forerunner 305 died 3 days before the warranty expired...
Utility: Great as a cycle computer. Terrible for run workouts. When you use the clip watch face, which allows you to move between bike and watch, the device gets even larger and more prone to wacking you on the wrist over and over again until your hand falls off. Also, it's advertised as waterproof, which means you think you could swim with it, but it has to be placed under your cap to get a signal. Aka. Useless feature.
Value: At $349 dollars without an included HR strap, this is a really niche item.

Bottom line: I'd shy away from this and maybe try out the new 900 series Forerunner. This one seems more swim friendly and has a (slightly) smaller face. If you know anyone who actually runs with this watch, whips and chains would probably be a great Christmas gift for them.

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