Hump Day: Recovery Swim Workout

Upper Valley Aquatics Center.
Where I swim when I have to.
Not every day is for humping. You can't go balls to the you know what 100% of the time without needing to slow down and take it easy every now and then. One of the things I struggle with is how to stay motivated through a rest week without drinking too much beer, eating cheese fries with gravy, and blowing off all my 'workouts.' Just because you're not pounding the pavement for your usual 50 or 60 miles during rest week (or, 20, like me) doesn't mean what you are expected to do is junk mileage.

I think I can handle most rest days because these days can be a great opportunity to work out and catch up with friends. You know, the fat ones with real jobs. Or kids. Or fat kids. I like running and biking slow. There's a lot to look at, and it's easy to forget that these are things you used to enjoy. But I really do struggle to get in 'quality' rest workouts in the pool. Why bother? Well, as they say, swimming is just like riding a bike. Right?

Wrong. If you don't use it you lose it faster than you can say kakapoopoopeepeeshire. When I look at my 2000k yards of recovery swimming I think to myself. Sweet. 2000k of kicking with flippers and then I am OUT OF HERE. Take a lesson from me. Don't be like Gered.

Here's a quality recovery swim set that will help you stay focused on the important things about swimming (water feel, balance, catch, pull, not breathing while underwater) and keep you from losing top end speed and leg fitness.

Warmup set:
300 free
400: 50 free, 25kick fly, 25swim fly, 50 free, 25kick back, 25 swim back, etc through all four strokes

Main set:
4 x 100 @ :15 seconds rest, build 1-4 - last 100 no faster than 1500 pace.
4 x 25 - 12.5 SPRINT, 12.5 EZ swimming

Drill set:
4 x 200: 50, skulling, 50 - 12 kicks per pull, 50 catch-up drill, 50 swim @ :20 seconds rest

Warm down:
100 EZ

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