Andy Howard is Famous and it's all my Fault

I wanted to draw everyone's attention to the fact that Andrew Howard, with whom I share the honor of writing on a much better sports blog, NoreasterBC, has now officially eclipsed me in sports blogging glory.

In addition to having a much more widely read blog (that I inspired), Andy is now published on Vermont Sports Magazine's web blog, and on a topic that is seasonally appropriate to the never-ending Team Scrappy saga. And everyone knows VT Sports is THE sports magazine for VT. My home state and one true love. Other than skiing. And Brooke.

First snowfall, 2011. As seen by my bike. In the garage.
Daylight savings time is just around the corner. I spent the greater part of today battling the elements to squeeze a few workouts in. You see, it's snowing here in Vermont. Two inches at 500 ft, and much more above 1000 feet. I learned that the hard way when I went for a little trail run up and over the hill in racing flats this afternoon.

And with every first snowfall I say to myself, "It's going to be a long, cold winter, but I'll be damned if I'm going to spend the next six months of my life indoors on a stationary trainer."

Yeah, I say that every year don't I. And there I am moments later setting up my trainer.

Well this year it's different. This year I'm riding my stationary trainer in the garage. And sometimes, I'm going to get off the bike and open the garage door and pretend for just a second that it's July and I'm cruising down some sun baked mountain pass, wind whipping through my hair. Arms spread wide. Eyes closed. Smiling. Just like that blonde lady in City of Angels. Right before...

Well, maybe I'm not. Maybe I'll just ride in the living room, dripping with sweat, the smell of burning rubber filling the house, setting off the 3rd floor smoke detector. But, after warming two frozen feet back from black to purple, I'm just as happy to do it. There's no need to suffer twice in one day. I love that trainer. I love it so damned much.

Anyway, kudos to you Mr. Howard. Although, don't forget, it was all my idea from the beginning.


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