Tech Tuesday: Finis Swim Snorkel

Again, new theme day here at Team Scrappy. We're going to offer weekly gear and technology reviews that keep you up to date on the newest odds and ends that corporate triathlon has created to sell to you.

Finis Swimmers Snorkel

This little gadget is designed to help people who don't swim well learn how to rotate through their stroke better by removing the need to breath. This helps you focus on your catch, pull, kick timing, and hand return without having to turn fully up to grab a breath of fresh air.

Purpose: Swimming better
Use: Strap it to your head and swim
Quality: High end shizzle
Utility: Great for owls
Value: Eh

Bottom line: If you've got a serious spine condition that restricts side to side motion of your head, this is the perfect tool for your swim kit. If you like to breath air free of water and not have a head full of chlorine by the end of your kick or drill set, then this isn't the toy for you. It really does help you focus on proper stroke mechanics and rotation. But, at $40 dollars plus shipping, and the added cost and embarrassment of a nose clip, there are cheaper ways to get your kicks in.

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