Relays: Team USA Wins Duct Tape Challenge

Team USA (EE UU) posted some great splits at relays on Sunday but there was just too much lactic acid left over from the previous days activities. Turns out that standing around for and hour without stretching after being pulled off a bike course where you were averaging 300+ watts isn't avoid thing for your legs. Go figure. And I was probably in the best shape of the group having not had to do a second run.

Matt Russell, and Josh Merrick took the mens legs and did a lot of hard work to keep USA in the game. But in europe toe baskets for 2k racing are still in and we really couldn't compete with lightning quick bike to run transitions. But you should have seen the look on Matt's face as he TTed us back into position. Straight out of The Scream painting. Good work Matt!

The real heroics happened this morning though when we managed to get 4 bikes, 3 athletes, 2 bananas, 3 backpacks, and wheel bag into a midsize European rental car.

Thanks for the duct tape Angie!

Write your local USAT rep and tell him Team USA needs a real travel budget next year!

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