First Worlds Team Report

So I got lapped out in my first ITU race. It's not the way I pictured things going down, but it's the way they went down and there's not much I can do about it now. It is specifically forbidden in ITU rules to be on the bike course after the first bike pack has completed their last lap. I did a lot of work to get within 100 yards of the bell lap, and now hold the esteemed honor of being the last of 25 people to be lapped off the course. If that's not scrappy (crappy) I don't know what is!

There will certainly be plenty of time to reflect on my Spain experience over the next few weeks of doing nothing. When you have expectations that you've failed to meet, however unrealistic they might have been, there's always a lot of regret to manage, as well as a certain sense of urgency to make everything better.

Two things I've learned though over the past few years of racing though... no one cares when you get schooled. And, as the French say, you cant put the cow before the hoseies unless you want to get shit on you. Or something like that.

Just like your college schooling, no one today cares what your GPA was 10 years ago. Triathlon is a real what-have-you-done-for-me-lately kind of sport and you will easily be forgiven for your missteps if you can put your best foot forward and not whine too much. And, if you try too hard to fix everything at once, you're sure to blow up early and be forced to get a real job ;)

The bright side of life is that I got to race with 56 of the world's best athletes, and in one of the most beautiful places to boot. I ate a lot of squid, independently tested and proved tetracyclene is NOT a performance enhancing drug, and made some great new friends and winter getaway training partners too.

And we duct taped a bike to a car. Beat that de Silva.

You better run scared in France, France. And the rest of you silly fast European countries too. Short Course DU Worlds 2012 is just around the corner and there US team and their angry horsecow will be there to give you big slap in your cocky Danish youknowwhat. Bam!


  1. My condolences. At the moment you are officially only the 31st fastest person in the world on bike & foot. More gummy worms next time.

  2. well done and keep me posted from your spanish "showflats guide", good luck gered!, jorge