"S%$# or get off the pot"

Admittedly a bit on the racier side of titles for entries I've posted, but I think it's fitting.

It's been a while since I've posted something legit. Mainly because I've been highly under-motivated for quite some time, but partially because between a full time job and 20 hours a week of procrastinating through sorry excuses for workouts, I just didn't have the time. Well if you haven't already heard, that's no longer a problem. As of about a month and a half ago, I quit my full-time job to go for the gusto with all this triathlon business. I now work at Landry's Bicycles in Boston for a couple hours a day for two to four days a week.

Now I know all you wives out there are thinking, "What kind of dead beat husband works part time for 10 bucks an hour so that he an play in a pool or outside the rest of the time?!" And to answer your accusatory question... "this guy" (He says with two thumbs pointed directly at himself)... But in all seriousness, and with respect to the ladies, this was a difficult decision that was made with the complete support of my wonderful, loving sugar-momma of a wife. (A tribute to her to the right...)

Six weeks later, life is as busy as it every was. Only difference now is that those extra 15 to 20 hours are spent training, eating right, and resting (and incidentally playing a little more of the homemaker role). Let me tell you folks, it is making a BIG difference. That's really all I have to say about that.

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