Pre Race Day Fuel: convenience store commisary

Following up on a great post by Andy Howard, esq. I thought i'd tackle the complex question of how to eat right for a race when you're traveling. Triathlete bodies are precision machines. You can't put frioto lay corn oil in your Mclaren G4. Or at least you shouldn't.

As with winter camping, gas stations are the key to your success. They are conveniently everywhere. They have an endless supply of tasty victory beer (except in Utah). And they also have:

Gatoraid. For electrolytes.
Bananas. For vitamin K.
Oranges. For vitamin C.
Pistachios. For salt, good fats, and protien.
Powerbars. For race day breakfast.
Avocados. For guacamole. To go with the beer dummy!

These kind of snacks will help her you through pre race day without breaking your will and forcing you to In and Out Burger for dinner. And, the salt will help you hydrate. The vitamin C will help you build red blood cells and adjust to altitude, and the protien will help you curb those burger and taco cravings.

Tuscon is high, hot, and full of mexican food. Hit your cravings head on and find your nearest Indian run gas station. They are simply the best in the business.

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