100th Post!

Well, it's taken 2 years, and a lot of BS about triathlons, but it looks like we've finally made it to our 100th blog post. This milestone happens to come to you in the week leading up to another milestone for team scrappy. Our first draft-legal race. No we're not pros yet, though we might be afterward... We're taking part in the first ever USAT sanctioned age group draft-legal triathlon in Clermont, FL. That's right me, Gered, and 73 other triathlon nobodies ranging from their pubescent years to heart of their mid-life crisis will be duking it out for the sake of dusting off the racing cobwebs, the unique experience, and three qualifying spots for pro licenses.

Stay tuned to entry number 101 to find out how we fare...


  1. Wooohoo - it's going to be amazing. Good luck, boys!

  2. Good luck! (and stay safe)

    Also, how about posting the rest of your 2011 season?