Otter Creek Chocolate Oatmeal Stout: Mother Nature's Favorite Recovery Drink

Just back from a fantastic west coast(ish) ski vacation in Utah. Aside from the world's most terrible beer, Utah has a lot to brag about. Like cool, beautiful POW, and skiable summit-to-salt-lake-sea lines every where you look. For the tri crowd, if you're in the market for a great 'live high, train low, sleep with multiple wives' kind of place to make your new home, then Utah is your land of milk and honeys.

Today I'm trying to get back into the groove here in Rio Blanco. And what better way to do it than with an hour long easy ride with my Fuji, faithful mutt Milton, and cool tasty >3.2% alcohol beer. Thanks Otter Creek. You're a life saver.

Here's the bashful pooch, ever uplifting cycling companion:

And the pain of your first easy ride in weeks. Who knew a pint of stout would fit so perfectly in a 2 dollar nashbar bottle holder? No need for carbon fiber at this bushleague operation:

And finally, giving way to the lust and longing. Yes, my legs do move that fast. So delicious, so nutritious:

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