Jay Peak Bloggers Summit Prelim

Well TeamScrappy and NoreasterBC is way up in the Great White North today to participate in the 1st/2ndish annual Jay Peak Bloggers Summit (triathlete translator: this is a play on words). I'll be in attendance with 20-30 of the country's foremost professional bloggers to learn how my fellow college dropouts (grad school dropout counts too) and I can make some bucks living at home with ma and pa and doing what we all love to do. Whatever that is.

Some thoughts so far:
1. Thanks Jay. Tram Haus Lodge is sweet. And the 6 pack of Long Trail Tram Ale you left in my fridge, even sweeter.
2. Even in a 500 dollar a night ski-side sweet suite, somewhere on my floor people are still smoking pot. That is awesome.

Jay Peak summit was at -10 today with an amazing 0 mph wind out of the nowhere. This means today was pretty much the warmest day I've ever skied at Jay. And here's a once in a lifetime photo to prove it. Just kidding. I need to get the da@ned cord from the car so I can get it off my camera. Maybe later.

Even being the warmest day at Jay on record, I had to ski 2/3rds of my runs today backwards to keep my own wind chill from freezing my big guido nose off. I guess that's why Black Diamond put twin-tips on the Voodoos.

Ok off to learn bloggers make the donuts.

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