Exercise Early, and Pass the Bacon

My wife and I regularly argue about the health benefits of bacon. I say it is good for you. She says it will kill you in your sleep 20 years too soon. Now, she did go to 2 years of med school, and knows a lot about the early stages of the digestion process (teeth, chewing, brushing, lugies, etc). But I've been studying bacon for the last 29 years and know it can do you no wrong.

Here's the secret to eating bacon and staying fit. It turns out that people who exercise before breakfast are able to keep the fat off better than people who exercise later in the day (here's the proof, thanks NYTIMES).

Now, I couldn't bring myself to read the whole thing, mainly because it's proof that I've been right for years. The short version is, getting yourself out of bed for that 5:30 am workout isn't just good for your top speed come race day, it's good for your waistline too.

Back to bacon. I mean basics. We've talked a lot on TeamScrappy about the benefits of good nutrition. Next time you're winding up for a lazy Saturday morning workout over a cup of coffee and a nice tasty bowl of whole milk maple yogurt, spin that little guy around and take a look at how much fat you're consuming. Next time, wake up early, hit it hard, and eat more bacon.

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  1. Thanks for the link to that article Gered. I've always been confused about when to eat in the AM to best fight my propensity to pack on the pounds. This seems to clarify it for me. I had heard that exercising in a fasted state causes your body to actually burn muscle tissue, but I'd also heard that you needed to exersise in a fasted state in order to burn fat...hence the confusion. I'll go with this though and try working out when I get up (although probably not as rigorously as the study recommended) and postponing breakfast until I get to work.

    Still no plans to join team scrappy in an actual race though. The back and knees won't permit the running, and the shoulders don't like to swim much either.

    Good Luck in 2011 and Happy New Years to you and Brook!