Do Less

Lately I've been overwhelmed by the enormity of TeamScrappy's situation. How we are ever going to make the olympic games (particularly when they will most likely be removing our signature event and replacing it with a more television friendly sprint tri version) is beyond comprehension. There just isn't enough time in the day to learn two new sports and stay good at the other. And be a relatively well adjusted and properly nourished spouse, friend, and family member.

David: WTF?
I've always been a believer in the 'Aim High' philosophy on accomplishing ridiculously stupid goals. Shoot high and crazy and strike somewhere in the range of normal. Well, lately I've been hearing this little flock of suicidal birds inside my head chirping "Do less! Do less!" Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would sell your arm leg and ugly ugly first born to accomplish it? Well, shame on you. You're probably a bad person. But you don't have to be a bad person to have a vision for yourself and for your future. Constructing that vision is a process, and I think we often forget that no process is contiguous from start to finish. You gotta put down the tools every now and then to step back and take things in perspective.

Since we're on the construction analogy, let's think differently about 'Do less.' I've been struggling lately to work out the kinks in my hip rotation in the water. Core strength, everyone tells me, is the key ensuring that your 'transmission' gets all four wheels moving together and pulling you smoothly through the water. I've crunched. I've kicked. I've pulled. I've played catch up and skulled till the cows came home. But I'm still crooked in the water? What's going on?

Well, it turns out I've been trying to use a pick axe to sculpt my own swimmers equivalent of David's magnificent ding-dong. Today I found out I've got a neat skeletal abnormality called 'lumbartization of the sacrum' - which is when your sacrum fails to fully fuse in development and you end up with a 6th vertebrae that inhibits hip mobility. So, I just don't rotate as smoothly as the next guy. Or dance the hustle well either. So, this week I'm slowing things down. Instead of driving my hips like a runaway freight train into every pull, I'm going to let counter forces from the kick, and the hip flexors and core used to engage the kick in every pull. I'm letting each hip float up and down in the water, instead of trying to roll them side to side and then out of control. I bet by weeks end this looks a lot more like rotation than my previous spiderman crawl.

Do less. There are a lot of applications for this philosophy. Sometimes you just want something so badly that you'll run yourself ragged in pursuit. Don't be a baby-seller. Do less.

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