Lobsterman 2010: 3rd Place and Proud of It

A less scrappy triathlete (or more fashion conscious) might try to come in third to avoid wearing a giant lobster costume? Me, I never try to come in 3rd. I'm proud to end up there, but there's nothing scrappy about throwing a race just so you don't have to climb up the poo shoot of a giant lobstah and pose for the reporters from Maine Magazine. In fact, had I known about the the podium lobster photo op I might have tried just a little bit harder! Results here...

Lobsterman is as advertised - a great race. Beautiful, well organized, and a wonderful way to end an all around stellar tri season (GOD I AM SO HAPPY TO BE DONE). If you're considering a pinnacle race for 2011 get this one in your little black tri book.

Congrats to Lobsterman 2010 James Carothers, and to John McCall for their fantastic efforts 1st and 2nd place efforts, and to everyone else who came across the finish line last Sunday. Rough stuff out there! Hope to see you all next year! From inside a giant mylar lobster shell.

ps. I'm not sure why but Tri-Maine seems to think people want to eat lobster after running till they poo. This is animal cruelty. A lot of good lobsters died that day so I could not eat them. Oh the humanity. Oh how I wish I had eaten a boat load now that I am back in a landlocked mountain state...

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  1. Congrats to you Gered!! We'll be there next year and we'll gladly eat the lobster....yum