Swim Class for Kids who Can't Read Good

A little local flavor (and proof that everyone, at some point in there lives gets in the Valley News), yesterday's paper featured an expose' on the up-and-coming aquatic elite of White River Junction. I took a few 'technique' classes this spring with local coach Ann Greenwald of Norwich VT, to try to work out the wobble in my stroke (still wobbling, but a little less I guess). Ann has been working with swimmers with a wide range of abilities (mine is a very limited range) for years, and does great work with those just learning, and those looking to get a few extra seconds on the next guy.

Actual photo from my swim class
A Norwich resident and former all-American swimmer at Tufts University, Greenwald is offering group swim lessons for adults at the Upper Valley Aquatic Center..."A lot of them were strong cyclists and runners, but didn't know a thing about swimming,” Greenwald said during class on Tuesday...the classes helped Gered Dunne, of White River Junction, win last month's Burlington Triathlon, which includes a 1,500-meter swimming stretch and fearsome battle with famed lake monster, Champ... read more...

Swimming hasn't come easy for me. It's pretty much the worst thing I do every day. But it is getting better, and hopefully someday soon might be more fun too. It's interesting to see people who love doing it (swimming), and hear them talk about how much the sport means to them (nutballs). Hopefully that's a mental place I can be someday (and a 1:04 pace too). Thanks for the help Ann. Like Bill says, baby steps. Baby steps...

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