The Real Housewives of Team Scrappy

Ice cubes in my tub
My husband is so skinny
Wife of Triathlete

Being a triathlete is hard. Loving a triathlete might be harder. Strong statement, I know, but let me explain:

To quote the great Miley Cyrus, "It's the Climb". We know our triathletes are out there doing the physical work, but we deal with the emotion and are there all along the way, oftentimes, more coherent as to what's going on than our spaced-out, over-tired triathletes. We're there for grumpy, post-workout crab-fests. We're there for gross, post-workout stink-fests. And we're there listening to our guys jibber jabber on (and on) about the latest crank-hub-pedalometer that they absolutely have to buy, and sacrificing that beautiful turquoise Marc Jacobs bag so that they can have said pedalometer.

But alas, we also get to be there for the free schwag, post-race pizza and glory that comes with racing. And that, as Miley says, is "The Best of Both Worlds".


  1. Something tells me you guys will buy both the crank-based power meter AND the froofy bag... :-) You're not fooling anyone with that complaint lady! FYI, Brooke, glad to hear that you're growing fond of the culture a bit too!

    Brooke Blicher's first post everyone - the wives have infiltrated!

  2. "To quote the great Miley Cyrus" ... is that like thinking Dawson's Creek was awesome? Either way, another post on Miley Cyrus and I'm cancelling my subscription to this blog.