Lake Dunmore, Part Twa (french for 3 ya dummy)

The Lake Dunmore Triathlon is like an old friend to Team Scrappy. She's always there for us, like a platonic friend in college that is real nice but not hot and always has pizza. And Advil for when you are really hung over. And weird, free back rubs. What I'm trying to say is, well, we like this race a lot. It's a friendly, competitive race, and we like friendly competition. Most importantly, even the race director is super friendly. ...

Note: BRETT got a friendly call from race director Jarred Rushton late last night asking him why, after volunteering to help out at the race he had not actually remembered to REGISTER for the race. Doh.

Dunmore is a beautiful spot too - my favorite place to race by far (sorry Philly, your homeless people on Rascals kind of freak me out. Where did they get those things???). This Sunday will mark our third annual installment of the Lake Dunmore Triathlon, and I couldn't be more excited to be heading back. Why is this race so important to Team Scrappy? Well, Dunmore is the Vermont state championship and a Best of the US qualifier and I've got dreams of being BEST OF VERMONT. Brett has dreams too. Usually of cookies. But also of finally taking 1st after two runnings-up (damn you wobbly old hamstring!).

I'm certain that we've come a long way this year towards realizing these dreams. But why leave it to chance? Figured since this is a pre-race report we might as well do a little pre-race predicting: So, calculating our chances of *GREAT SUCCESS* at Dunmore this year, using absolutely zero math whatsoever (math sucks):

1. Probability there will be a swim: 100% (+2 to Brett)
2. Liklihood that an old man will show up and whoop our arses like he does every year (-2 to Brett, -1 Gered)
3. Boost we will get from a long, cool nights asleep with our ladies (yes, lovely Brooke too) deep in the Moosalamoo wilderness (+3 G/B)
4. Self deprivation of milkshakes for the past week (+3 Gered, -2 Brett)
5. Divide by pi to 16 places.

So as you can see, there's a strong chance we are heading for a one-two podium finish this year (FINALLY). If not, who cares because it will be great to get in a real tri, enjoy the majesty that is summer in Vermont, and go home with a brand spanking new Otter Creek glass to replace all the faded ones we've accumulated over the years. Insert life lesson: Beer, a great way to chronicle your life.

*GREAT SUCCESS* - defined by the individual. That's the beautiful of triathlons. Everybody wins (while at the same time, usually losing), most of the time. What is your GREATest SUCCESS? Thanks for sharing in the comments field below!


  1. My greatest success was finishing my first 1/2 marathon in DC. I sometimes have to remind myself I actually did it! My 1st TRI is in Oct. I'm hoping that is a pretty big success - although i know i will get smoked my old ladies :)

  2. i have never run 13 miles in my life. you are crazy! thanks for sharing!

  3. Twa looks kinda like two. Irregardless of what it actually means - that's a little confusing, ya turkey.