Driving is why you're FAT

Thought I'd take a moment to reel in some non-triathlon related content that is still mildly applicable.

Recently, my good friend Keith, a resident of Portland Maine, and avid city transportation fashionista (yes, if you're picturing big black toonie glasses and really tight tapered jeans you are spot on), was interviewed by the local paper. They were looking for local bus riding coots to grab a cameo from about how much they love riding on, living in, and urinating all over city buses. Well, they couldn't have picked a better bus riding wacko because Keith feels about buses like my 2 year old nephew feels about Thomas the Train. Adoring to the point of babble.

Keith talks about buses way to often for me to take him seriously. But you've never met him, which means he's automatically way less annoying to you then he is to me. But sometimes he has a point. We need to get off our fat you know whats and motivate. Check out this great periodic table of fatness that ranks states by chunkiness as a product of the amount they drive/bike/walk their little stick figure arses around.

When you've gone sufficiently crosseyed trying to read this chart, check out Keith's new baby. No, not another kid. His wife surely made him get the snippy snip by now (French Canadians are THIRSTY babies). I mean mustachegazette.blogspot.com. If you enjoy posting snarky comments about chain smoking bus riding hipsters who don't know politics from a hole in the ground, this is the place for you.

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