Farm Pond

I freakin' love swimming, man. After wrestling with a weird and nasty sore throat all week (still not entirely gone...) I was finally in condition to really let loose this morning in open water. Yesterday I tried a swim at the pool, and it still irritated me a bit when I turned to breathe. This morning, it was still sore, but I was fine while swimming, and what a beautiful swim it was this morning at Farm Pond in Sherborn, MA. If you live in the Boston area, and are used to swimming at Walden Pond, you really need to check out Farm Pond... sooo much better. The water is beautiful, it's got buoys and pontoons dispersed around the edge for point to point swimming and siting, it has a nice beach for entry, very few fisherman/kayakers... and between 6 and 9AM it's free! I'm not even a big fan of open water swimming, but this is one of the few places I really enjoy it.

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