Mooseman Pre-Ride Update

Hello all future Moosmanners. Just got back from a bright sunny pre-ride of the 2010 international and 70.3 race courses and wanted to give you a quick synopsis of my findings.

International Racers:

-Highlights: look forward to a very fast bike. Rt 3a was recently (last week) repaved and is a screaming sub-downhill decent into town
-Play by play:
  • heading out of the park onto West Shore Rd will be a slow start. Not a lot of places to build up speed. The West Rd is plagued by rollers that won't sap too much of your energy, but wont really let you open up
  • North Shore Rd holds the biggest climbs of the day. One short steep climb and descent, with a roll out and gradual uphill to a second climb that ends at 3a. Don't worry about killing the second climb because you're gonna have to make the hard right onto 3a and will want some pop to launch out of the gate at that point
  • 3a=FAST. Watch as you pass cars. Towards the end of the lake there's a mild steady climb up and away from the shore. The downhill after this section is long and shallow, and brings you through town, which is full of loony bleaping New Hampshire creatures who will try to pull out in front of you dispite your best efforts to hog the whole lane. PRG 342, whomever you are, I hate you
  • After town, hard right onto 114. This is likely the hardest section of the course to hold a steady high speed. Long shallow climbs along this wind-exposed state route will ruin your day
  • Watch the extremely hard right turn onto Cass Mill Rd. This section takes off up a shallow climb so try to preserve some speed in from the corner. Go wide. Hail Mary.
  • The final back roads into the park are either short climbs and roll outs, or flat to downhill. One hard corner with good views so cut it close and keep cranking!
70.3 Course
Good lord. If you are doing this race, drop out now. I don't know what the old course looked like but apparently this year is harder than previous iterations. I inadvertently parked at the top of the 70.3 course to bike the olympic course, and got a nice warmup downhill for about 15 minutes. I would say you're looking at 30 minutes of climbing. Twice. The downhill to Rt 25 is extremely fast and extremely technical.

Note: someone out preriding today crashed out in the middle of this descent. I was climbing up the hill at the time, and heard 'massacre' and 'bloodbath' from riders coming down. I didn't see much other than ambulenses which had traffic held up for a while, but the prognosis sounded quite grim. Check your speed in the S-curves mid hill. Stay safe.

Back to business. Expect Rt 25 to 3a to be a steady windy shallow uphill. 3a up to the intersection with the olympic course will be a bitch. Not too bad in reverse, but I saw a lot of people out there suffering today.

Did I mention that you have to do the climbing section twice? hahahahahahaha. you people are *stoopid*

Good luck on race day everyone!

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