One week, thirteen workouts, three triples, five days of swimming, a dozen peanutbutter and banana sandwiches (one with bacon), four naps, three legitimate prayers for forgivness (sorry body) and healing, and six calls to bikes shops to harass them into giving me a sweet deal on a new TT bike

It has been a full week to say the least. More next week on whether the lingering sensation that horses are trying to draw and quarter me goes away. So far, Advil, you have met your match.

Get outside and ride!


  1. Gered -

    This is not a blog post, this is a twitter update. Also, it's back-door bragging about how much you workout. "Uh, excuse me, do you know where the weight room is?" (In a Chris Farley voice, if you can imagine.)

    Get a twitter account and post a real entry today. Also, the weight room is in Boston, so I guess you'll have to move back. ;-)

  2. actually, my intention was more to brag about how many more sandwiches I ate than you last week. and for a man who has sworn off television you sure use a lot of TV references. I suppose you'll have to start listening to more NPR for witty things to say. But then no one will get them... you sure are in are in a pickle, Richard.

  3. Yeah...brett is definately jealous ;-)