Little Teeny Tiny Pea Brains

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has trouble convincing others of the importance of sticking to our, at times, extremely inconvenient training plans. I've been meaning to write up a post called 'Having 'The Talk' with Friends and Loved Ones' for a while now. If triathlon training is something you are serious about, then you need to have everyone in your life on board, lest they be immeasurably annoyed at you (not your training) for ruining their lives and leisure time.

I'd like to think I'm pretty good at getting it all in without placing too much burden on others. But, occasionally we all lose perspective. I'd like to thank Andrew Howard for helping me find a little though, this winter. Sometimes, we just can't have our cake and eat it too. Below you will find the final message of an email thread between Andy and myself that occurred earlier today. We have been discussing, at length, if we have the time to hit up 2 backcountry ski spots this weekend, a few bars in Burlington and at least one in French Canada, and top it all off with a cross country ski trip into my summer camp on Fairfield Pond (it's rumored to be colder than a Witch's unmentionables this Saturday so we're forgoing our usual overnight tenting lovefest). And, I'm trying to figure out a way to get my Saturday morning brick in, a healthy 2 hour bike ride followed by a 30 minute run:

#1 This email thread confirms my impression that you have to be mentally ill to be a triathlete.  As much as I would cherish the pictures of you dragging your stationary bike to the camp through the snow on a little plastic sled, I cannot enable your sickness.

#2.  Seriously, You would carry your stationary bike to the camp?

#3 - Some other drive times to consider : Fairfiled to Montreal = 1.5 hours, Fairfield to Chic Chocs = 9.7 hours, Fairfield to Millinocket, ME = 7hrs 43 min, Fairfield to Jackson, WY = 1 day 14 hours

#4  I think the staying in WRJ on Friday sounds like the most plausible plan. You can bike there you flipping idiot.  Then we can then do a half day at Jay on Saturday, party it up in Burlington or (A)Enusburg Sat night, THEN head to your camp, and ski some more at Jay on Sunday.

We could also find some freshies in and around Mt. Hunger, Bolton or Stowe (Smuggs) on Saturday instead of Jay.  I think that if it is going to be dangerously cold then we should make sure to be as far away from a ski lodge as possible.  I kinda want to get some backcountry in for the blog.  I would also like to get you into the backcountry on a day when you have already simulated a triathlon as I would be able to get way ahead of you, and look pitifully upon you as I wait for you to catch up.  Yes. I think I want that.

--Editor's response:
The world needs more people like Andy. And we all need more people who are willing to remind us that there's no shame in NOT over planning, and in actually leading a real life. And, also, that to truly love the Triathlon you have to have a teeny tiny pea brain like Brett and I. God it is so true!

In clonclusion, at least we're not as stoopid as this lady(?)

Happy training everyone!


  1. Sad, I don't even get funny comments from Andy, because I always say no to his out door excursions. But I think that's more because any money I would spend on fun winter activities gets spent on race registration and tri gear. Money - probably just as much as time - is yet another avenue of sacrifice for the sake of a serious triathlete.

  2. ...really? ...carry a stationary bike 1 mile both ways on a sled, in the snow, on skis at 2am?... just to keep a training schedule for a race in May? really?

    I suppose I could get the same looks for .."You hiked with your skis up Camel's Hump then skied the top trails in the winter? For maybe 500' of decent vertical skiing? Really? And it wasn't groomed?"

  3. more than once, I've hit back country in the morning, then told my buddies I have to leave after three hours of skiing to go home and ride the trainer for two. And I'm only obsessed with a sport that involves 1/3 of a triathalon. You guys have something impressively wrong with you.