Why Brett Looks Good in TIghts

Maybe it's the hot rum toddy but tonight Brett just looks oh so good in his smelly old black tights. That's right folks. I dig Brett Nichols in tights. And what's not to love? Do you think ridiculously good looking people ever feel sad when they look in the mirror every morning? No way. Because they're ridiculously good looking, and probably rich and famous too. Well, Brett is not rich, nor is he famous (he may be infamous for certain things - pounding down a costco box of oreos comes immediately to mind) but he is a good looking son of a you-know-what (you almost thought I'd say it didn't you Aggie?). If he didn't already have a child like ability to see the positive in every single moment of every single day, I bet he would get a good lift from peeking at his sculpted bod.

What's my point ladies and gentlemen? My point is this. Triahtletes are sexy mother beepers. If you're a big fat fatty with no self esteem, get your blubber butt out there and hit your swimbikerun stride as soon as physically possible. Start now. No, start yesterday. Turn that old dirty five dollar bill that represents your self esteem into a bright shiny million dollar coin.

And that's the way Gered sees it. Join me next time for more BS from Gered's Corner.


  1. I can vouch for Brett looking good in tights. May be biased...?

  2. I think he get's his good looks from me!

  3. I watched my nephew grow up so fast from a cute little boy with blond hair to a man in tight pants. I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work and I no you will make it to the Olympics
    one day for all the hard work you put in. Don't forget your aunt in Florida when you get famous.