'Tis the Season...

Something I don't write much about on here is the number one reason that I do triathlons. My faith in Jesus. Yes, I'm one of those Bible-loving Jesus wierdos - and proud of it. :-) It's my faith in Christ that compels me, and gives me a sense of purpose in everything I do, and especially everything I love to do - like triathlons.

ANYWAY, this entry, isn't actually about triathlons - it's about something else that God is compelling me to do. This year our church is a part of this thing called the "Advent Conspiracy" - a little cheesy on the title, I know. But I think the idea is a really good one. It's all about putting more meaning, joy, and genuine celebration into the Christmas season. I want to encourage anyone that reads this to "join the conspiracy". Below is a quick little promo video to show you how you can be a part of this. Enjoy your holiday season!

Who's with me?

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