Report in from Cookiefest North 2009

This weekend most professional news operations are still churning away at The Nightmare Before Christmas (Thanks for that one FOX news). I even saw live footage from Long Island that confirmed what everyone has feared. The end is near. There will be no bakery fresh bagels today. Thank god I'm here to let you know that there were bakery fresh cookies in Vermont this weekend though. Mountains and mountains of them.

Every now and then it's important to take a little break from the daily grind and kick back with such a mountain of cookies and a gallon of ice cold whole milk as white as the virgin snows of winter. Cookiefest North 2009 was a roaring success. Its success was twofold. First, we succeeded in baking even more cookies than Brett could eat. And second, it successfully distracted me from an unpleasantly cold workout yesterday, and an even colder dip at the local pool today. I'm not one to skip workouts willy-nilly, but someday when you have a cookie hangover as bad as I did today you'll understand. And, the empty carbohydrates were worth every minute of mental respite. God how I hate training sometimes.

We all love the holidays for the way they bring family together. This year we were blessed with the company of new and old friends, and it really warmed our frigid little home here in the North Country. I know Cookiefest South 2009 must have been a bang-up success as well, and hopefully the fatty effects will linger and give me a chance to catch up on Brett. But keep things in perspective here people. Take the time to enjoy what really matters. And eat lots and lots of cookies.

Happy Holidays all you Christians, Jews, Muslim, Cookie Monsters, and others.

Here are a few of the stars of last night's show:

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