"i heard it through the racevine" - a shameless plug for a great website

so my wife emily is a marketing guru that works for cone llc. and because she's such an overachiever she has an account with pretty much every possible type of marketing/social networking website in the world (minus myspace, because... well... she's not 14). ok, probably not ALL of them, but i know she's on facebook, linked in, and the dreaded twitter. yes my wife is a twit - i call her that sometimes, and apparently, that's a good thing. her dad showed me this video about twitter on youtube. that's a pretty accurate reflection of my thoughts on twitter.

anyway, i digress… despite my distaste for the site solely devoted to updating the equivalent of an away status, emily's twittership has reaped a rather valuable fruit for me - a splendid new triathlon search engine she came across called racevine. i used to use tri-find.com to plan out my seasons for lack of a better option. tri-find is more or less one giant list of a majority of the triathlons around the country. it's got an out-of-date interface, and you have to click next like every five seconds as you browse the races sorted by state across the country. don’t get me wrong, it got the job done, but if something better is available, why wouldn’t i use it! (and for that matter, shamelessly advertise it in a blog.)

as you can see racevine has a sleak and simple interface (with a very close resemblance to that of facebook and twitter as a matter of fact). it’s easy to use, and it allows you to sort through races more easily and efficiently. the best part, and main purpose of the site is to offer race reviews. i’m doing the chicago triathlon at the end of the summer, and thanks to the reviews i found on racevine, i know i can look forward to a nice flat course on the bike and run, and the taste of gasoline in the swim. i wrote a review for the new york city triathlon, and i’m sure that others are just dying to know what it’s like to swim in the hudson river. (now that i mention it, i think i’ll go back to racevine and include a little more detail on that…) in any case, it’s a great site that i thought you all should know about when looking for your next race. and by all means, create an account, and review your own races! (they don’t send any obnoxious emails or spam.) to give you an idea of how it works, i’ve included links to the races on racevine that gered and i are doing this summer…they all of at least one review on them :-) (mine)… enjoy!

New York City Triathlon

Lake Dunmore Triathlon

Chicago Triathlon

Health Net Triathlon

Keuka Lake Triathlon

Vermont Sun Sprint Triathlon

i also talked to greg lou, the co-founder of racevine, and he said there’s lots more in store for the new race review forum, so i’ll be reporting back about all their new gadgets when i start planning out the race schedule for next year…

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